the “Trail” with Lance

I thoroughly enjoy hiking!! It’s such a neat way to experience God’s second book, nature. Every time I go out, it seems like a new adventure has just begun! New wildlife to see, new sounds that seem to echo back from the throne of God, new places to go, and new stories to bring back and share! 

  Preparation is the key to having a great time!! Not every trail is easy… before one embarks on a new adventure it may be a good idea to research the difficulty rating of the trail, as well as, bringing a map along with you! For those of us who are photo-savvy, finding out what scenic attractions and animals one might see along the way would be most helpful in getting that epic shot!! 

As spring (and now almost summer) is well under way, I encourage you to get your camera out, bring a water bottle, and don’t forget your friends; there isn’t anything like experiencing awesome times in life with others and with God! 🙂 

As I jot this down, I can’t help but think about how this correlates to our Christian experience… Of course people are at different stages in their Christian walk and preparation is the key to being ready when Jesus comes back to take us home!! Also, glancing down at one’s handy “map” is probably a good idea if you don’t want to get lost.. and by using the Bible as your map for life, it’s guaranteed to keep you on the right track!! In the end, this leads us to just having one goal; “Press[ing] toward the mark for the prize of our high Jesus Christ!” Philippians 3:14

As each of us travel life’s way we can all use a little encouragement!! That’s why the Hayden Lake Seventh-Day Adventist Church has kindly asked a few of us, young people, to launch this blog!!! We hope and pray that it will encourage you and strengthen each of our “walks with God”!   

God bless!  ~Lance

Introduction to Sarah Baute

Hello Friends,

   I figured that it would be nice if I started off by introducing myself to you.

   To start off: My name is Sarah, and I am an average teenage girl seeking to follow God in all areas of my life. Just like you, I have struggles, and issues; however, I have a powerful God who is stronger than all the forces of evil! By coming to God everyday in personal devotions, I can have the strength to resist the devil. That strength only comes from God.

   I have two wonderful parents that also strive to follow God in every area of thier lives. I am very blessed and grateful for the parents that God has given me! Now, I also know that not all of you can say that about your parents, but one thing I know… God has promised (and wants to be) your heavenly parent! Why not give Him a try?

   For my portion of the blog, I am trying to reach out to those around my age. Although, if you’re older, I hope you’re still blessed:) I am really excited to begin this new blog journey! Blessings to you all!

And the Lord, He is the One who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed.”   Deuteronomy 31:8